Aren't you tired of Sudoku?

Whether you are just looking to keep your mind sharp or you are looking to hone your foundational math skills, SumNum is the game for you. Each level is designed to be quick, interactive, and challenging.

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SumNum Video

Each SumNum game is designed to be a quick, up to three minute experience. Here is a video of a single SumNum gameplay:

SumNum Screenshots

Below you can see some screenshots showing the menus, gameplay, and settings.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and believe that the privacy policy should be as simple as possible. Simply put, SumNum does not collect, store, or transmit any personal data. You have the option of using iOS Game Center to share high scores and participate in the leaderboard. The paid nature of the app makes this possible as we do not and will not have any advertisements or in-app purchases.

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Download SumNum to start having fun with numbers. Get better and faster at doing mental math. With over 3000 levels and three difficulty levels you will always experience a new and challenging game. SumNum is available only on iOS.


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